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F#: The ‘defaultArg’ function

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While reading through an old blog post by Matthew Podwysocki about writing F# code in a functional rather than imperative way I came across the ‘defaultArg’ function which I haven’t seen previously.

It’s quite a simple function that we can use when we want to set a default value if an option type has a value of ‘None’:

The type signature is as follows:

> defaultArg;;
val it : ('a option -> 'a -> 'a) = <fun:clo@0>

And the definition is relatively simple:

let defaultArg x y = match x with None -> y | Some v -> v

We could then use it if we were looking up a key in a dictionary but wanted to return a default value if there wasn’t an entry for that key.

For example:

let myMap = Map.add "key" "value" Map.empty                
let result = defaultArg (Map.tryFind "nonExistentKey" myMap) "default"     
> val result : string = "default"

This is just another of the utility functions we can use in F# to allow us to keep composing functions even when we can get more than one type of result from another function.

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Written by Mark Needham

April 12th, 2010 at 6:21 pm

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