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Mercurial: hg push to Google Code

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I wanted to make a change to add flatMap to Option in totallylazy so I had to clone the repository and make the change.

I thought I’d then be able to just push the change using my Google user name and password but instead ended up with the following error:

➜  mhneedham-totally-lazy  hg push
pushing to
searching for changes
1 changesets found
http authorization required
realm: Google Code hg Repository
user: m.h.needham
abort: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden

It turns out that you need to specifically set an option to use your Google account from the settings page:


And then it works!

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Written by Mark Needham

March 14th, 2012 at 9:25 pm

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  • Ilya Evseev

    Oh, thanks!