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Serverless: AWS HTTP Gateway – 502 Bad Gateway

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In my continued work with Serverless and AWS Lambda I ran into a problem when trying to call a HTTP gateway.

My project looked like this:


service: http-gateway
frameworkVersion: ">=1.2.0 <2.0.0"
  name: aws
  runtime: python3.6
  timeout: 180
      name: NoOp
      handler: handler.noop
        - http: POST noOp

def noop(event, context):
    return "hello"

Let’s deploy to AWS:

$ serverless  deploy
Serverless: Packaging service...
Serverless: Excluding development dependencies...
Serverless: Uploading CloudFormation file to S3...
Serverless: Uploading artifacts...
Serverless: Uploading service .zip file to S3 (179 B)...
Serverless: Validating template...
Serverless: Updating Stack...
Serverless: Checking Stack update progress...
Serverless: Stack update finished...
Service Information
service: http-gateway
stage: dev
region: us-east-1
api keys:
  POST -
  no-op: http-gateway-dev-no-op

And now we’ll try and call it using cURL:

$ curl -X POST
{"message": "Internal server error"}

That didn’t work so well, what do the logs have to say?

$ serverless  logs --function no-op	
START RequestId: 64ab69b0-7d8f-11e7-9db5-13b228cd4cb6 Version: $LATEST
END RequestId: 64ab69b0-7d8f-11e7-9db5-13b228cd4cb6
REPORT RequestId: 64ab69b0-7d8f-11e7-9db5-13b228cd4cb6	Duration: 0.27 ms	Billed Duration: 100 ms 	Memory Size: 1024 MB	Max Memory Used: 21 MB

So the function is completely fine. It turns out I’m not very good at reading the manual and should have been returning a map instead of a string:

API Gateway expects to see a json map with keys “body”, “headers”, and “statusCode”.

Let’s update our handler function and re-deploy.

def noop(event, context):
    return {
        "body": "hello",
        "headers": {},
        "statusCode": 200

Now we’re ready to try the endpoint again:

$ curl -X POST

Much better!

Written by Mark Needham

August 11th, 2017 at 4:01 pm