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Watching a master at work

I’ve always found it fascinating watching people who really excel in their field going about business, be it footballers, tennis players, actors, whoever.

This week at TWU I’ve been playing around with some Ruby on Rails as I mentioned in the previous post, and yesterday I had the opportunity to watch one of the leading figures in the Ruby on Rails field at work. Take a bow Obie Fernandez, who gave several of the TWU attendees a demonstration of how to develop applications using Ruby on Rails. It was actually bordering on the severely impressive watching the speed at which he thought through concepts and then transformed them into code.

I also realised that the way I’d been using the language previously had been dubious at best. I hadn’t realised that you can take care of database creation without using MySQL Administrator, nor had I realised quite how 'clever' Ruby on Rails is at mapping database tables to models created in the application.

It was almost painful watching how simple it is to do arduous tasks, such as creating textboxes and drop down boxes, in Ruby on Rails and it almost made me want to weep as I recalled the many hours I’ve spend using PHP and C# tweaking interaction between code and stored procedures/queries.

So +1 for Ruby on Rails and I certainly hope to improve my ability with it over the next few weeks.

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