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mount_smbfs: mount error..File exists

I’ve been playing around with mounting a Windows file share onto my machine via the terminal because I’m getting bored of constantly having to go to Finder and manually mounting it each time!

After a couple of times of mounting and unmounting the drive I ended up with this error:

> mount_smbfs //mneedham@punedc02/shared punedc02_shared/
mount_smbfs: mount error: /Volumes/punedc02_shared: File exists

I originally thought the 'file exists' part of the message was suggesting that I’d already mounted a share on 'punedc02_shared' but calling the 'umount' command led to the following error:

> umount punedc02_shared
umount: punedc02_shared: not currently mounted

I had actually absent mindedly gone and mounted the drive elsewhere through Finder which I only realised after reading Victor’s comments on this post.

Make sure that you already do not have the same share mounted on your Mac. I had //host/share already mounted in /Volumes/share, so when I tried to mount //host/share to /Volumes/newshare it gave me the “file exists” error.

I learnt, thanks to the unix.com forums, that you can see which devices are mounted by using 'df'.

This is where Finder had mounted the drive for me:

> df
Filesystem                 512-blocks      Used  Available Capacity  Mounted on
//mneedham@punedc02/shared  209696376 199773696    9922680    96%    /Volumes/shared

Since the shared drive gets unmounted when I disconnect from the network I decided to write a shell script that would set it up for me again.

function mount_drive {
  mkdir -p $2
  mount_smbfs $1 $2

drives_to_unmount=`df | awk '/mneedham@punedc02/ { print $6 }'`

if [ "$drives_to_unmount" != "" ]; then
  echo "Unmounting existing drives on punedc02: \n$drives_to_unmount"
  umount $drives_to_unmount

mount_drive //mneedham@punedc02/media /Volumes/punedc02_media
mount_drive //mneedham@punedc02/shared /Volumes/punedc02_shared

At the moment I’ve just put that in '/usr/bin' so that it’s available on the path.

If there’s a better way to do this or a way to simplify the code please let me know.

I did come across a few ways to do the mounting using Apple Script in this post but that’s not half as fun as using the shell!

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