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Summing columns in remote Parquet files using ClickHouse

I’m an avid reader of Simon Willison’s TIL blog and enjoyed a recent post showing how to sum the size of all the Midjourney images stored on Discord. He did this by querying a bunch of Parquet files stored on Hugging Face with DuckDB. I was curious whether I could do the same thing using ClickHouse and in this blog post, we’re going to find out.

The dataset that we’re going to use is available at vivym/midjourney-messages. It contains just over 55 million records spread over 56 Parquet files. They’re a little over 150 MB each, for a total of around 8 GB.

The files have the following structure:


Setting up ClickHouse Local

Let’s install ClickHouse on our machine:

curl https://clickhouse.com/ | sh

And then launch ClickHouse Local:

./clickhouse local -m

Querying one file

We’ll start by getting a row of one of the files, formatting as JSON.

FROM url('https://huggingface.co/datasets/vivym/midjourney-messages/resolve/main/data/000000.parquet')
Format JSONEachRow;
Received exception:
Code: 483. DB::Exception: Too many redirects while trying to access https://huggingface.co/datasets/vivym/midjourney-messages/resolve/main/data/000000.parquet. You can allow redirects by changing the setting 'max_http_get_redirects'. Example: `SET max_http_get_redirects = 10`. Redirects are restricted to prevent possible attack when a malicious server redirects to an internal resource, bypassing the authentication or firewall.: Cannot extract table structure from Parquet format file. You can specify the structure manually. (TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS)

Oops, it doesn’t like that the URL redirects elsewhere, but we can have it handle that by configuring max_http_get_redirects. Let’s update our query:

FROM url('https://huggingface.co/datasets/vivym/midjourney-messages/resolve/main/data/000000.parquet')
Format JSONEachRow
SETTINGS max_http_get_redirects=1;
{"id":"1144508197969854484","channel_id":"989268300473192561","content":"**adult Goku in Dragonball Z, walking on a beach, in a Akira Toriyama anime style** - Image #1 <@1016225582566101084>","timestamp":"2023-08-25T05:46:58.330000+00:00","image_id":"1144508197693046875","height":"1024","width":"1024","url":"https:\/\/cdn.discordapp.com\/attachments\/989268300473192561\/1144508197693046875\/anaxagore54_adult_Goku_in_Dragonball_Z_walking_on_a_beach_in_a__987e6fd5-64a1-43f6-83dd-c58d2eb42948.png","size":"1689284"}

1 row in set. Elapsed: 3.424 sec.

That took a few seconds and I expect that it pulled down the whole file before selecting the first row. Let’s configure nettop, as described in Simon’s post, and then run the query again:

nettop -p 70254 -J bytes_in
clickhouse.70254    152 MiB

It downloaded 152MB, which is the size of the file.

Summing the size of one file

Let’s now see what happens if we sum the size column, as Simon did in his post:

FROM url('https://huggingface.co/datasets/vivym/midjourney-messages/resolve/main/data/000000.parquet')
SELECT sum(size) as totalSize, formatReadableSize(totalSize)
SETTINGS max_http_get_redirects=1;
│ 3456458790156 │ 3.14 TiB                      │

1 row in set. Elapsed: 1.097 sec.

Just over 3 TB for the first file. And this is the nettop output:

clickhouse.70254    5386 KiB

This time it was quicker and only downloaded about 5 MB because ClickHouse also uses HTTP range header tricks to only pull down the size column.

Summing the size of all the files

Okay, now we’re ready to sum up the size column in all the files. ClickHouse has quite a neat 'range syntax' for doing this. So to sum the size column in all 56 Parquet files, we can write the following query:

    sum(size) AS totalSize,
FROM url('https://huggingface.co/datasets/vivym/midjourney-messages/resolve/main/data/0000{00..55}.parquet')
SETTINGS max_http_get_redirects = 1
│ 162800469938172 │ 148.07 TiB                    │

1 row in set. Elapsed: 9.798 sec. Processed 54.08 million rows, 8.50 GB (5.52 million rows/s., 867.48 MB/s.)
Peak memory usage: 896.00 B.

It’s kinda insane that Midjourney has created 148 TB of image files! And what does nettop have to say?

clickhouse.70254    287 MiB

Again, pretty similar to what Simon saw - ClickHouse has also only downloaded 287 MB of data instead of the full 8 GB to work out the total size.

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