Side by side LLMs with Ollama and Streamlit
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Semantic Router: Stop LLM chatbots going rogue
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llama.cpp - ValueError: Failed to create llama_context - ggml-common.h file not found
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LLaVA 1.5 vs. 1.6
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Ollama is on PyPi
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An introduction to Retrieval Augmented Generation
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Running Mistral AI on my machine with Ollama
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Running a Hugging Face Large Language Model (LLM) locally on my laptop
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LangChain: 1 validation error for LLMChain - value is not a valid dict (type=type_error.dict)
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GPT4All/LangChain: Model.__init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'ggml_model' (type=type_error)
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